K-5 Physical Education Activities - January 13

Posted: January 13, 2022


Good morning everyone!

I would like to issue a new challenge based on the winter activity board that was posted on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. We have some fresh powdery snow, which makes for perfect conditions for building a Quinzee snow shelter. I built one with my daughter on the weekend, and it turned out great!

Quinzee building is one of the activities that is listed on the activity board and meets a few very important curricular outcomes as it relates to physical education.

I am challenging each student to take the next two days to try and build their very own quinzee snow shelter either on their own or with their family. I will include a video of how to construct your quinzee, then it is up to you to get creative and make your stand out. Once it's built, you can decorate it up however you like! 

As part of the activity, I am challenging you to take a photo or video of your quinzee either being built or once it's finished and post it to social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) using the hashtag #BHSQuinzeeChallenge. 

With so much negativity and uncertainty in the world right now, let's take some time to be positive, have some fun, and make some memories with your family!

Dress warm, and have fun!



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