K-2 Daily PE/Wellness Activity April 21

Posted: April 21, 2020

I want to share a resource for you for today's daily activity suggestion. This resource is a monthly at home activity guide put out by BOKS Canada. BOKS is a school based activity program with tons of quick hitting activities and games, as well as structured fitness activities focused on keeping the attention of students. I have attended a couple of sessions at national conferences put on by BOKS, and they are extremely passionate and resourceful.
In this monthly activity guide, each day's activities are broken down into 3 parts. You begin with a quick BOKS burst warm-up activity in the morning. Then, each day at noon EST, 1pm AST they go live on their facebook page to do a live fitness class (I will post the link). Then, after each live class they finish off with a yoga and mindfulness activity. Each day as a whole give you a fun warm-up, a slightly more intense session to get your heart rate up, and finishes with some mindfulness to reconnect yourself! I will post the package with the monthly fitness calendar, as well as descriptions of all of the bursts, and yoga/mindfulness activities. This is a great resource, and while my daily suggestions may not always be from BOKS, you can always have it as a resource for your students to use instead of my daily suggestions.
So, today's daily PE/Wellness activity suggestion will be today's BOKS activities! For today, the BOKS burst is the "Colors in the room" burst, and the yoga/mindfulness activity is the "Warrior 2 pose". I recommend you tune into the page at 1pm to check out the live session, and I believe you can also access the live session after it is finished throughout the day.
For your outdoor option, I am going to share a quick video put out by one of our Phys. Ed Leads, Paul McKinnon. He is recommending we get outside, reconnect with nature and simply climb a tree! Of course, while climbing we are also following all of the PE guidelines for safety, which he outlines in the video... have a look!