Grade 9 Daily PE/Wellness Activity - April. 9

Posted: April 9, 2020

Grade 9:
Our Phys. Ed lead shared a great workout of the day yesterday, so I thought I would challenge you with it today. Its called the deck of cards workout. Here's how it works:
You are going to designate an exercise with each suit. For today it will be as follows:
Hearts = Squats
Spades = Push ups
Diamonds = Mountain Climbers
Clubs = Jumping Jacks
You are going to flip one card at a time. What ever suit you flip is the exercise you do, and the number on the card will be the number of reps of that exercise you do. Jack, Queen, King are all 10, and if you flip a Joker it will be 11. For example, if you flip a 7 of hearts, you'll do 7 squats, etc.
This is a great activity because you can challenge yourself as much as you want. You can do a few cards, or you can do the whole deck (I recommend the whole deck).
You can get outside for the activity of your choosing!