Daily PE/Wellness Activities for K-9 students - May 7

Posted: May 7, 2020

Here are the suggested daily PE/Wellness activities for today. If you are following the weekly activity guides posted on Monday, you can refer to DAY #4 of the guide that corresponds to your age group. Again, these are great activities as they are all correlating to grade level curricular outcomes for the students.
Here is an outdoor option for today. It looks like we might avoid the rain, so it may be a nice day to go outside and try some modified disc golf. All you need for this activity in a Frisbee and some targets (either place by you, or naturally occurring like trees, rocks, posts, etc.). I will post a quick video demonstration, as well as an activity guide to go along with it.
Also, I haven't gotten any submissions for original family games yet, so today might be a good day as well to get together with your family for some creative fun!
Have a great day everyone.
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