Daily PE/Wellness Activities for K-9 students - May 14

Posted: May 14, 2020

Good morning everyone,
Here are the suggested daily PE/Wellness activities for today. If you are following the weekly activity guides, you can refer to DAY #4 for the daily activities. Again, these activities are great because the activities are designed to meet curricular outcomes for each grade level.
Also, for another daily activity I am going to start to preview some of the activities students will see as part of the virtual Olympics, which will be starting on May 25. The great thing about the Virtual Olympics is that you have as many attempts at each activity as you want to try and record a result. So you can practice as much as you want to try and reach your goal for each activity! Today's example is going to be a simple series of self passing challenges. All you need for this challenge is a wall or hard surface you can pass a ball off of, and a ball of your choice (you can adjust the size based on skill level)
Reminder to try and post some examples of this weeks weekly scavenger hunt challenge as well, I would love to see some pictures of students attempting some of those challenges!
Have a great day everyone!