Daily PE/Wellness Activities for K-9 students - May 13

Posted: May 13, 2020

Good morning everyone,
Here are the suggested daily PE/Wellness activities for today. If you are following the weekly activity guides that I posted on Monday, you can refer to DAY #3 of the weekly guide. These are recommended activities, as they are derived from the curricular outcomes for each grade level.
Also, if you are looking for a fun activity to get your heart rate up with a little bit of competition, here is a backyard relay that you can try. If anyone else is like me, you have lots of recyclables around the house, so you can use them as a prop in this activity. You simply lay out a number of props in your space, set up a home base collection bin for each player participating and set up rules for how many items can be carried at a time, either 1 or 2, or as many as you can carry! Go until all props are collected, and see who finishes with the most!
Have a great day everyone!