Daily PE/Wellness Activities for K-9 students - April 30

Posted: April 30, 2020

Here is another daily suggestion brought to you by our district PE Lead Jim Watters. This is another game that is easily adaptable for students of all ages. The video gives a quick breakdown of the basic rules, but you can adjust these rules any way you see fit to make it enjoyable and challenging for any age group. This game is called "NO-GO", and it is an adaptation of a net and wall game, similar to badminton in game play.
To modify the game, you can change the size of the ball, the size of the court, the size of the no-go zone, as well as the time you have to make a play with the ball. For younger students, I recommend starting with a beach ball, or some other larger/light ball that is easy to handle. You can move up from there using a basketball, soccer ball, even a tennis ball.
For students in middle school or grade 9, you can also refer to the weekly activity plan which was posted on Monday for your recommended daily activities.
Another nice day, you can always replace there suggestions with some outdoor activity of your choice, as long as you are getting that heart rate up!
Make sure to post or send me pictures or videos of your activities to the facebook group, I LOVE looking at this page and seeing our students having some fun, and being active. It's a little bit of inspiration for others to follow along!
Be well folks, and have a great day!