3-5 Daily PE/Wellness Activity - April 27

Posted: April 27, 2020

Good morning everyone!
First off, thanks for the submissions from last weeks Weekly Challenge, hopefully we have some accomplished jugglers and clean ditches! I will go live around 10:30 to do the draw for this weeks app store gift card. Also, I would like to mention that this weeks gift card was generously donated by Roland Sturgeon and Melissa Sturgeon on behalf of "Stand Alone Home Improvements". The gesture is GREATLY appreciated!
Today's suggested activity was shared by one of our PE leads, Denis Boudreau. It is called "Archer" and it is a simple game that can be modified to fit what ever materials you may have available. In the video, the demonstrator uses a cool bow and arrow (foam ball) set up to play, but you can easily modify this into a overhand throwing, underhand tossing, or kicking game based on what you have to play with. Have a look!