Weekly Check-In...

Posted: April 9, 2020

Students & Parents,

Our first week with Learning at Home is coming to a close and I am hoping everyone is doing well with this learning adjustment.  I am planning to make phone calls home today to chat with my homeroom students.  This is an opportunity to seek extra help whether it be academically and/or their social well being.  I want to remind students that the weekly lessons are designed for students to submit their participation of the course curriculum through email [Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca].  These weekly tasks will not be evaluated but will allow me to provide feedback to their learning.  The lessons will be posted on Monday's and work needs to be submitted by Friday's.  Here is a summary of what work was being done this week in each of my high school classes...

Coop (MAKE) 120 - Create a Tinkercad Challenge for designing a keychain... send screenshot of design along with attaching the STL file.  If you had difficulty working with Tinkercad at home, an alternative was to go to the Brilliant Labs #Makerfun activities and submit screenshots from each of the 3 categories.

OP 110 - Participate in the Scavenger Hunt Challenge by picking a level you are comfortable with and submitting the group of photos by tagging @outdoorpursuits2020 on Instagram.  If you don't have an Instagram account, group and submit through email.

Entrepreneurship 110 -  Complete assignment on Online versus Retail Shopping [was given this back in early March] as well as the assignment on How is Covid-19 is affecting business?  Begin to think about a new business venture given our current situation.

NOTE - Scroll down on this teacher page for the post that was given on Monday with more details along with a link to a video explanation.  The District has stressed that 'Less is More' and I trust you will find that these lessons are designed to be just that along with providing an opportunity to extend your learning in each of the subject area.  If there are any questions be sure to contact me through email.