Week 9 Coop (MAKE) 120

Posted: May 31, 2020

Assignment...  PowerPoint (or Google Slides) Summary of Learning (see attached)

We are down to two weeks of home learning so this week you will be summarizing your learning in a PowerPoint (or Google Slides) presentation.  See attached guide for required components.  The summary has two parts – project work before Covid and tasks completed during home learning.  Be sure to use your journal entries in Teams to reflect back on work done in the MakerSpace.  Here is a summary of tasks we did over the last 8 weeks at home…



Assignment / Task

Alternative Assignment


Tinkercad Keychain

Brilliant Labs #MakerFun Challenges


Scratch Coding Challenge

Hour of Code


STOP Motion Video Challenge

Wind Power Generator Build


Photo Editing Challenge

Mini Greenhouse Build


Tinkercad Circuit Challenge

Hack-A-Toy Challenge


Adobe Spark Call to Action Video

Upcycle Challenge


Coding a Game in Scratch

APEGNB Design Challenges


DesignSpark Mechanical Bracket

Rube Goldberg Challenge


NOTE:  If you are missing your submission from any of these weeks, it needs to be submitted this week!

Submission...  I have created a new tab in TEAMS called ‘Week 9 Online Learning’.  Using OneNote on mobile device and/or Teams on Laptop, insert your presentation.  If you are not comfortable with TEAMS, send the attached file to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca.  There is no alternate assignment as this week’s task is required for everyone.