Week 8 Coop (MAKE) 120

Posted: May 24, 2020


Assignment...  Creating a Bracket in DesignSpark Mechanical (see attached document for details)

Alternative Assignment...  Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and inventor who liked to create overly complex machines to complete a simple task using a series of chain reactions. Think dominoes, ramps, levers, pulleys, and more! Your challenge is to watch some Rube Goldberg machines in action, get inspired, then create your own machine outdoors using natural objects such as rocks, sticks, hills, etc.  If you are having difficulty with an outside design, create some indoors.

Top 7 Rube Goldberg Machine Designs...


Submission...  I have created a new tab in TEAMS called ‘Week 8 Online Learning’.  Using OneNote on mobile device and/or Teams on Laptop, take a screenshot of your DesignSpark Mechanical design and insert in the tab.  As well, attach the .STL from within the tab.  If you are not comfortable with TEAMS, send the screenshot and the attached .STL file to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca  For those who completed the alternative assignment, insert video of your Rube Goldberg Machine.  If you are having difficulty using Teams, send/share them to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca