Week 7 Coop (MAKE) 120

Posted: May 18, 2020

Assignment...  Coding a Game in Scratch (see attached document for details)

Alternative Assignment...  For those who are struggling with using Scratch, complete 2 of the 4 design challenges given by APEGNB [Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of New Brunswick]. 

APEGNB Design Challenges… 


1)       Sturdy Shelf - https://www.apegnb.com/design-challenge-3/

2)      Space Tool - https://www.apegnb.com/design-challenge-4/

3)      Waterproof Roof - https://www.apegnb.com/design-challenge-7/

4)      Leg to Stand on - https://www.apegnb.com/design-challenge-8/


Submission...  I have created a new tab in TEAMS called ‘Week 7 Online Learning’    

                         Using OneNote on mobile device and/or Teams on Laptop, insert your Call to Action

                         video into the tab.  For those who completed the alternative assignment, insert pictures

                         and/or video clip along with answers to teach moment exercises.  If you are having

                         difficulty using Teams, send/share them to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca