Week 5 Entrepreneurship 110

Posted: May 6, 2020

This week the focus will be getting to market your product.  Continue to work on manufacturing your product and be sure to check your market research responses as you may get more this week with Mr. Buggie and Mr. Lehnert sharing your links on their FB pages.  You will be using an online program called Canva for both of these tasks.

TASK #1 - At this point you NEED a strong business name (if you have not done this already).  Now, create a logo for your business/product [Read attached PowerPoint lesson].  When finished, email me the logo in a format you created (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.).

TASK #2 - Once your logo is complete, you will now need create advertisements to market your product.  These ads should be designed to catch the attention of potential customers along with providing the necessary details about your product.  There are lots of options winthin Canva depending on what media you plan to use to market (Facebook, Instagram, flyer, poster, infographic, etc.)  Here is the link to design options...   https://www.canva.com/create-a-design  Your ads must have the following...

- Business Name

- Logo

- At least one picture of YOUR product (not a pic from online search)

- At least two products details/facts

* If you know pricing, include but this is not necessary yet.

You need to create 2 different ads... email these ads in the format you created.