Week 2 Outdoor Pursuits 110

Posted: April 14, 2020

Assignment...  Documenting Arrival of Spring (see attached document for details and instructions)

Submission...  Create a scrapbook with text and media.  You decide how you want to share your findings at the end of the week…PowerPoint, Google Slides, Video in iMovie, etc.  Send this scrapbook to Ashley.Hallihan@nbed.nb.ca.  If you plan to use Instagram, tag @outdoorpursuits2020. 


Note...  I have decided to change the submission days to be anytime up to Sunday.  I will also be posting some highlights from the previous week on Wednesday’s so you can see your classmates work as well.  I do plan to respond to your work by providing you some feedback through email.  Be sure to also check out the BHS Physical Education/Wellness post as it is important to maintain your physical and mental well-being during these times (on Facebook Wellness group) as well as Mr. Strurgeon’s Teacher page.  Feel free to reach out to me through email anytime as I am here to assist you in your learning.