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Posted: October 30, 2017

Started Chapter 5 Function & Relationsn today and focused on representing datat in sets, tables and arrow diagrams.

Class\Homework:  Page 262  # 3(a,b), #5(a,b)


Posted: October 27, 2017

Quiz day, then notes on area of a square and how it relates to perfect square numbers.

Class/homework:  Page 8   #4, #5

Posted: October 26, 2017

Today we did more practice with powers and how to find a missing base or exponent (How to show work)

Class/Homework:  WS all questions #1 to 8

                              Quiz tomorrow like the warm up and lesson from today

Posted: October 26, 2017

Test review (Warmup involved #1multiplying binomials, #2)factoring using GCF, Factoring each of the  following: simple trinomial, hard trinomials, difference of squares and perfect square trinomials)  Students were then given a Test look-a-like worksheet to work on in class. (All solutions are posted below)

HOMEWORK: Study for test that is tomorrow  (The worksheet from class is very similar to the test)

                   Worksheet is attached with solutions

Posted: October 25, 2017

Started unit 1 today and we looked at Powers and how to use a calculator to evaluate.

Class/homework: Chart from class (on last page of slides)

Posted: October 25, 2017

Review of all 5 forms of factoring as a warmp up then worked on test review questions(GCF, Simple Trinomials, Hard Trinomials Decompostion, Perfect Sqare Trinomials & Difference of Square).  Again I had a extra help table set up for students that were still struggling and we worked on the questions one-on-one.

Class/Homework: Test Review Worksheet from last wednesday #2,11,12,20,22,30

                          Test is Friday  (10 MC, 3 Short Response and 9 Factoring)

Posted: October 24, 2017

Review of all 5 forms of factoring (GCF, Simple Trinomials, Hard Trinomials Decompostion, Perfect Sqare Trinomials & Difference of Square).

Class/Homework: Test Review Worksheet # 1 to # 10

                             Test is Friday  (10 MC,

Posted: October 23, 2017

Test review (Graphine Linear Relations from table of values and equations)

Class/Homework:  Worksheet 7-   #1a,b, 2a,c, 3, 4a,b,c,d

                            Test Tomorrowon Unit 6 Part 1 (Section 6.6 & 6.7)

Posted: October 23, 2017

Notes & example of Factoring Difference of squares & Perfect Square Trinomials

Class/Homework:  Worksheet #1 to 20 (ONLY the odd numbers)  (First column) 

                           WS is attached below

                           Test on Friday for Chapter 3 "Factors and products)

Posted: October 20, 2017

Review for the test that is on Tuesday, Oct. 24

Class/Homework:  Worksheet # 6   - on Creating table of values -   All questions

                            Test is Tuesday, Oct. 24