For the Grade 4 and 5 boys and girls that signed up for Elementary Soccer, there will be a practice from 3:10 - 4:10 on Tuesday, September 10. Students are reminded to meet in the Elementary open-area right after school.  All players must wear shin guards and either cleats or sneakers. Parents can pick up their children at the Elementary soccer field at 4:10. 

The Hunter Education and Fire Arms Safety Course will be offered at Blackville School on the following dates:

Sept 9, 10 and Sept 16, 17, 18. From 6:00-9:30  pm.

Just a reminder Blackville School is a peanut safe environment.  This means that any products containing peanuts cannot be brought to school.  Thank you for your continued support.

Picture day for K-12 will be on Friday, September 6, 2013.

Summer is winding down and it is almost back to school time.  As a K-12 school please note that different dates apply for different grades for the first day of school.

 Tuesday, September 3

·         All elementary students (K-5) will begin their new school year. 

·         The grade 6 and 9 students will also come to school on Tuesday, September 3.  The grade 6 students will take part in their introduction to middle school with the WEB program and grade 9 students will BOOMERANG to high school.


All remaining grades will join the other students Wednesday,September 4.


Please note the fee structure.

K-2 ……….$15

3-5 ………..$20

6-12 ………$25

Family ……$60

The following link has the pictures for the elementary and middle school recognition ceremony.


The following link has the pictures for the high school recognition day.


Stats 120  C203

Eng 112    C101

Eng  113   C206

Hosp & Tour 110  H. Ec, C102

Science 9    C 104

Can Iden 9  C102

Chem 122                  Science Lab

Chem 112                   Cafeteria

Hist 113                      C203

Geo Meas & Fin 10    C203

Num Rel & Fun 10      C203

Math 9                       Cafeteria

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