Posted: September 3, 2020

Notice to Parents and Students. The Cafeteria will be closed during the first week of school and maybe longer. Please prepare your child's snack and lunch. Ideally, it would be helpful if you did not pack items that have to be heated in a microwave.
Thank you in advance.

Posted: September 3, 2020

Notice to parents!!! The drop off and pickup area for students will be the Visitors Parking Area (New sign to be installed). All student must enter by the front doors.
Also, a reminder if you need to enter the school for whatever reason, you must make an appointment by calling 843-2900. If you need to pick up your child throughout the day, you can call the school, we will get your child ready and we will meet you at the front door.

Posted: September 2, 2020

This note is from the kindergarten teachers regarding next week's appointments.
We can't wait to meet you next week at your scheduled appointment! We will meet you at the main entrance that leads to the office. Parents and students will then chat with us up in the kindergarten area. We have a few activities to do with the children while parents fill out a couple of forms.
To make this easier for everybody, please bring your child's school supplies on this day. Be sure to have their name on all their things and all their pencils sharpened. Thank you in advance for doing this.
Parents and students are to wear a mask while in the school hallways.
We hope you are looking forward to this "meet and greet" as much as we are.
Mrs. Waugh and Mrs. Curtis

Posted: September 2, 2020

Some more information and this time it is regarding bussing. This is to inform parents that your child/children will only have one pickup spot and one drop off spot for this school year. So, no notes for a drop off at a different places throughout the year.

Posted: September 1, 2020

Here is the list of High School students who will be attending on Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept. 8 & 9). Th 9, 10 & 12 are alphabetical. The 11's are listed.
Gade 9 FI. A - J
Grade 9 English. A - K
Grade 10 A - H
Grade 11. Helena Arbeau, Marco Arseneault, Kensen Brennan, Alex Coughlan, Drake Coughlan, Christina Curtis, Dakota Curtis, Michael Curtis, Jaiden Betts, Camden Curtis, Mason Donahue, Drea Hallihan, Emma Hallihan, Layla Hallihan, Kyle Maillet and Ryan Moody.
Grade 12. A - H.
Thursday and Friday (Sept 10 & 11)
Grade 9 FI. K-Z
Grade 9 English. L-Z
Grade 10. I - Z
Grade 11. Jorja Donovan, Seth Donovan, Devon Edwards, Derek Gilchrist, Emily Hallihan, Jesse LeBlanc, Hudson Underhill, Jamie Mullin, Spencer Mullin, Coewan Munn, Tobias Sullivan, Owen Underhill, Logan Urquhart, Amber Walls and Amy Walls.
Grade 12. I-Z

Posted: August 29, 2020

Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept 8 & 9)
Grade 6 English. A - H
Grade 6 FI. A - Hallihan
Grade 7. A - J.
Grade 8. Logan Aston, Thomas Croft, Carter Curtis, Jaclyn Gilchrist, Brandon Hernandez, Kyle LeBlanc, Talky Luce, Lindsay MacCullum, Shaughnessy Astle, Avery Coughlan, Jack Curtis, Jordyn Curtis, Myles Curtis, Hunter Donahue, Curtis Duffy and Aiden Hennessy.
Thursday and Friday (Sept 10 & 11)
Grade 6 English. I - Z
Grade 6 FI. Hannah - Z
Grade 7. K - Z
Grade 8. Ethan McEvoy, Lily McEvoy, Lexie Sobey, Nathan Stewart, Roman Stewart, Kyleigh Underhill, Maddison Vickers, Travis Manderville, Miranda Nordin, Landon Sullivan, Bryce Underhill, Landon Underhill, Ava Walls and Kole Wetmore.

Posted: August 27, 2020

Grades 1, 2/3 English and the 2/3 French Immersion.


Grade 1. Kentan Arbeau, Jasmine Colford, Ivan Connors, Alexina Coughlan, Austin Curtis and Max Daley

Grade 2/3 (Eng). Devin Arseneault, Lily Coughlan, Trixie Coughlan, Patience Gallan, Becca Hallihan, Maverick Howe, and Cameron Innis.

Grade 2/3 (FI). Jael Arbeau, Danika Crocker, Averie Gallan, Sofie Gilks, Sadie Hallihan, Kent Hogan and Zoe Kelly.



Grade 1. Dante Gilks, Aliyah Hachey, Dawson Hallihan, Kashton Jardine, Amehya Losier, Lucas Sturgeon and Kiri Storey.

Grade 2/3 (Eng). Jesse Jardine, Abby-Rae Morehouse-Doucette, Lilly Musizza, Kayden Stewart, Jerryka Warren, Kenson Warren.

Grade 2/3 (FI). Lilly MacKeigan, Hanna Purcell, Meadow Stewart, William Stewart, Caleb Sturgeon, Maci Underhill and Lilah Walls.


Grades 3/4 FI, Grade 3/4 English, Grade 5 French Immersion and Grade 5 English.


Grade 3/4 FI. Pierce Brophy, Jennifer Bruyere, Ayden Crocker, Kamryn Curtis, Katee Gillespie, Hannah Hallihan,

Rylan Hallihan and Ben Hamilton.

Grade 3/4 English. Austyn Chabanov, Ty Coughlan, Kyron Gallon-Adams, Janna Hallihan, Jack Jardine, Ledger Jardine,

Abigail Jones, Turner Kenny, Riley Kern, Taylor Kern and Avery Korobko.

Grade 5 FI. Samuel Brennan, Karlie Estey, Kenley Estey, Allie Hallihan, Cohen Jones and Ali Kelly.

Grade 5 English. Nathan Astle, Gracelyn Brennan, Bryce Curtis, Cheyanne Donahue, Lainey Hallihan, Lincoln Howe, Ellie Jardine and Jayda Jardine.



Grade 3 FI. Eden Jardine, Kalainy Jardine, Brooklyn Newman, Kendra O'Keefe, Brock Sobey, Kate Sturgeon and Levi Walls.

Grade 3/4 English. Hunter Linkletter, Rhyder Losier, Max McCormack, Miley McCormack, Ben McNeil, Kenzie McNeil, Dominic Sullivan and Tristan Wilson.

Grade 5 FI. Riley Estey, Addison Nash, Leia Stewart, Paris Sutherland, Mya Underhill and Janson Warren.

Grade 5 English. Susanna Keenan, Chase Storey, Kohen Sturgeon, Jack Underhill, Lezli Underhill and Nate Underhill.


Posted: August 27, 2020

Notice to parents!
We will post this week when your child will be coming to school. During the first week back, half the students will come on September 8&9 while the other half will come on the 10&11. All students will attend on September 14th.
Please keep an eye here. We will probably post 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12. It will be a smaller list.
Thank you for your patience.


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