Social Studies 6 May 27-29

Posted: May 27, 2020

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, now that we have finished up Australia, we will be taking a look at the final continent time will allow for this year. Africa.

Africa is enormous. Africa is complex. Africa is a dazzling display of languages, ethnicities, and cultures. Welcome to Africa! In this webquest, you will have the opportunity to explore Africa’s long history, captivating geography, and diverse peoples.

Wednesday’s Task-Use google maps to locate where in the world Africa is.

1.      Use the following link to access Google Maps:,-66.3504067,7z

2.      In the search box type Africa.

3.      Now, find New Brunswick. What direction would you have to travel to get from Australia to New Brunswick? North, East, South or West?


Thursday’s task: To learn about the physical geography of Africa.

1.     Go to the following link:

2.     Make sure to preview the entire text before you read.  Look at the map, pictures and scroll all the way to the bottom of the web page to see if anything catches your eye.

3.     Once you’ve taken a peek around, read the first 2 sections until the end of Sahara.  Stop when you reach Sahel.


1.      What is Africa sometimes nicknamed and why?

2.      What 3 bodies of water surround Africa?

3.      What percentage of the Sahara Desert makes up Africa’s landmass?

4.      What is the difference between ergs, regs, hamadas?

5.      How do plants survive in the Sahara?

****Friday is Current Events, I have attached the questions sheet to use as a reference.

Microsoft Office document icon current_events_worksheet.doc31.5 KB