Social Studies 6 May 25-26

Posted: May 25, 2020

Daily task: To learn about the protected species of the Great Barrier Reef


1.     Go to the following link:

2.     Preview the entire text before you read.

3.     As you read see if you find answers to the following.


1.     What is a protected species?

2.     Some species are protected because they are threatened and others are protected because they

are iconic. What is the difference between a threatened species and an iconic species?

3.      List 3 protected species of the GBR (Great Barrier Reef?

Tuesday Daily Task

1.      Go to the following link:

2.      Why is the humpback listed as protected in GBR waters?

3.      What has been the result of listing them as protected?

4.      What 2 species of dolphins are listed as protected?