Social Studies 6, May 11-13

Posted: May 11, 2020

Daily task: To learn about the people of Australia and Oceania


1.     Go to the following link:

2.     Make sure to preview the entire text before you read.  Look at the map, pictures and scroll all the way to the bottom of the web page to see if anything catches your eye. ‘

3.     Once you’ve taken a peek around, scroll down to the section titled Cultural Geography.  Over the next 3 days read about Political Issues.


1.     What is political geography

2.     Who became the most important colonial powers in the region?

3.     How were indigenous people treated during this period?

4.     Describe the impact that nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll had on the population and environment.

5.     What is the purpose of the Maori Party? What accomplishments have they achieved for the Maori?

6.     What is the Treaty of Waitangi?

7.     What are some of the future issues facing Australia?