Social Studies 6

Posted: April 6, 2020

Good morning Grade 6!  I hope you are all healthy and as awesome as ever! You are missed a great deal!  Since we do not have access to our textbook and our curriculum focuses on culture, we are going to continue with that theme in the form of Web Quests.  Each day I will post a web link for you to visit, along with a several questions to think about as you read. These activities are quick and will help you explore topics such as: languages spoken, physical geography, human geography and political change from continents across the world.  Our first stop on our e-learning journey will be the continent of South America.

Daily Task-Use google maps to locate where in the world South America is and find out what languages are spoken there.

1.      Use the following link to access Google Maps:,-66.3504067,7z

2.      In the search box type South America

3.      Take a look at the quick facts box in the bottom left-hand corner.  What languages are spoken in South America?

4.      Find New Brunswick. What direction would you have to travel to get from South America to New Brunswick? North, East, South or West?