8D Language Arts April 7, 2020

Posted: April 7, 2020

Good morning everyone!!  First, let me start off by applauding you all for doing such a great job signing up yesterday!! 

Today you are going to have 2 tasks to complete.  First, you will watch a “How To video” about the features you will be using in CommonLit, some of which include: accessing your assignments, answering guided reading questions, adding comments/annotations, highlighting text, locating definitions and turning on the read aloud option.  Once you have watched this video, I want to you log onto CommonLit, go to your assignment page and select the text I have shared with you. 

I DO NOT want you to submit it today, I just want you to play around with the features and practise using them.  I will get you to put your new-found skills to use very soon.

Here are your breakdowns:

Task 1-Watch CommonLit How To Video

1.      Watch the following video tutorial on CommonLit features



Task 2-Practise Using CommonLit features

1.      Log into CommonLit with the username and password you created yesterday by clicking the following link.


2.      Go to the My Assignments tab and select the text I have shared with you.

3.      Practise using all the features you learned about today in the video tutorial. You will be using all of them, so make sure you are comfortable using them before you check out for the day.

4.      DO NOT SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT.  That is for another day….meaning tomorrow;)