7/8D Language Arts

Posted: April 6, 2020

Hello my sweet lovelies! I miss each and every one of you and hope you are healthy! You better be practising your physical distancing and listening to your parents/guardians, they DO KNOW what's best for you!

You have 2 tasks to complete today.

  • Create online username and password for Commonlit. This is where your weekly assignments will start.
  • Email Mrs. Davidson-If you can’t remember your student email, create a Gmail account. 

Task 1

Create a username for Commonlit

1.     Click on or enter the link below in your address bar:


2.     When you are prompted to enter a class code, it is as follows: RK3L9Y

3.     Fill in your information as requested. Once your account is created, do not forget your username and password. TAKE A PICTURE OF IT RIGHT NOW SO YOU WILL HAVE IT!



Task 2

Email Mrs. Davidson

1.     Email Mrs. Davidson @ paula.davidson@nbed.nb.ca

2.     If you forget your student email or you do not have an email account, create one using the following link.


3.     Once you have created your account, email me so I can communicate with you and vice versa.  Make sure you sign your name in the email so I know who you are!!!