7&7/8D Language Arts May 19-22

Posted: May 18, 2020

This week’s focus question is: How do people decide what is right and wrong?  Think about this and create a list of what you believe is the goal of education?  Then, keep your list it in mind as you complete each of your daily tasks. If you find information that relates to your list or question, remember to include the following:

·       the idea or thought that sparked your interest

·       where you found it

Please find your daily task breakdown below. I will monitor your guided reading results and offer feedback where necessary.  Remember the Read Aloud option is available for all articles posted. If you have questions, email me:  paula.davidson@nbed.nb.ca



1.     Find a quiet place, kick back and read anything of your choosing for 30 minutes.  PS. You should all be reading 30 minutes every day along with your studies.


2.     Sign in to CommonLit. 

3.     Read posted article and answer guided questions only.

4.     Make notes with focus question in mind.  If you are using a touch screen you do not have this option, so be sure to put ideas, thoughts and comments on your device or in a notebook you won’t lose.




1.     Log into CommonLit.

2.     Re-read article. Highlight ideas you may have overlooked in relation to your focus question:  How do people decide what is right and wrong?

3.     Complete assessment. Try using evidence from your text to support your answers.


1.     Use notes taken throughout the week and examples from the article you’ve read, as well as your own personal experiences to describe your answer to: How do people decide what is right and wrong?