May 8

Posted: May 3, 2023

Math 7 -More practice with coordinate Geometry. Today was on the computer(All notes from today's class is attached below as PDF)

Graphing Puzzle (

Bombs On The Grid - Play Fun Math Games (

Find Quadrants Game (

MathPup Directions Game (

    Class/Homework:   In class Assignement tomorrow


Math 8- Day 2 of surface area of rectangular prism.( All notes from today's class is attached below)

 Class/Homework-   Page 186 #4, 5, 6, 9  


Science 6 -  Notes on Sound. See attachedPDF file for notes (preparing for science assessment on May 2)

Class/Homework: None

Science 7  - Notes on data analysis (Notes posted below ).

Class/Homework: None   

Science 8-Notes on graphs and their relations. If you miss any notes then you are to get them from a friend

Homework: None