Feb. 11

Posted: February 11, 2019

NRF 10- Quiz on mixed to entire radicals   Notes on number sytems. See the attached PDF file of today's notes.

      Class/Homework: Page 211 #4, 10a,13, Page 218 10ghi, 11j, 12ace  (Bonus: Pag218  #12gi, 20,21,22,23)

                                      Test Feb. 22

Math 6 - Reducing fractions review and how to write percent for fractions with denominators not 100.  Test will be Wednesday, Feb 13

       Class / Homework:  Page 192-193 #1,3,4,5,6

                                        Test will be Wednesday, Feb. 13

 Math 8 -.  More practice of modeling using blocks & Number line , of awhole number of divided by a fraction 

     Class / Homework:: No homework   


Science 9-  Notes on the reasons for our season (See the attached PDF)

             Homework: Study your notes 10-15min each night