Upcoming Open Houses

Posted: October 3, 2023

Many Universities will be hosting Open Houses this Fall.  Attending an Open House is a great oppurtunity to see/tour the university, hear about academic programs from professors and other students, as well as speak to admission officers.

STU Open house on Oct 21st! For more info: Events (salesforce-sites.com)

UNB Open House Fredericton Oct 14th. For more info: Event Summary (elluciancrmrecruit.com)

UNB Open House Saint John Oct 21st.  For more info: Event Summary (elluciancrmrecruit.com)

St. Mary's Open House Oct 28th.  For more info: Open House | Saint Mary's University (smu.ca)

Holland College Open House Oct 14th.  For more info: Holland College | Campus Tour Day

Mount Allison Open House Oct 13th and March 1, 2024. Open House | Mount Allison (mta.ca)