Scholastic Book Fair...April 9-12

Posted: April 5, 2018

Howdy Ranchers!

 The Scholastic Saddle Up and Read Book Fair is coming to our school April 9 - 12!

Everyone is invited to join in the fun!

 Student can drop off your “I wish I could win” entry form at the library when you come down with your class.  Students could win $5 or $10 towards the purchase of a book.

 Use your contest entry ballot for the “Guess how many macaroni” contest to win $5 towards the purchase of a book.  Write your guess on the last line of the ballot.

 On Wednesday, the contest winners will be announced. Don’t forget to come down and enter your contest ballots before Wednesday.

 The Family Event will be on Thursday, April 12 after school so your parents can enter in the Family Event Draw for $25 in books to take home and $25 towards your Teacher’s wish list.  Purchases of $25 or more entitles you to an additional Family Event draw ballot.

 When parents first arrive at the Fair, we urge you to stop by the Classroom Wish List display.  Each teacher was asked to fill-in their “book wish list” prior to the Fair. It is their wish that these books become a permanent part of the library. Every generous gift you make will be recognized with a special bookplate, identifying your family or child as the donor.

 "Wish Granted" forms are available at the fair or online on the Classroom Wish List page for parents who want to make a donation but cannot attend.  See link below.

 Check out the following links for more information:

 Highlights Flyer and Featured Books (scroll down to see individual book reviews)

There will be many more books to choose from at the actual book fair.

 The Book Fairs Book Tube (Book Trailers & Author Highlights)

 "Wish Granted" forms