French due dates

7W - Your "important invention" assignments are due Thursday Oct 20th.
                        - This is an ORAL presentation (nothing handed in & shouldnt be reading to the class)
  - Who invented it, When, and its main purpose (introduction)
                                    - Why it is such an important invention, how would the world be different without it.

8D - On Wednesday Oct 19th, you will be presenting your research on the clothing of your chosen

                         - This is an ORAL presentation
(nothing handed in & shouldn't be reading to the class)
                         - You may want to show the class photos/examples of the clothing you are talking about, but this
                            is not
                         - Chose a decade between the 1930s and 2000.
                         - Discuss with the class what people wore, in your chosen decade, in different
                            situations (ie: to work, for sports, to church, school, ect.) 

(You cannot just use your personal interview for information, you must research a particular decade!
    You've known about this since last Thursday so No Excuses!)


 8L - Choose a decade between the years 1930 & 2000 to start researching for the types of clothing they wore in different situations (ie: work, sports, school, church etc.)  We will be working on this in class tomorrow.