Due dates!

Grade 6M
    - Almost everyone has brought in some pictures that remind them of fall that we have begun presenting to the class.

Grade 7 classes
    - Both classes are done presenting their big inventions (Except a few that are considered late)
    - They have been working on coming up with an idea for an invention that they will tell the class about next week
       (7W - Tuesday, 7D - Wednesday)

Grade 8 classes

     - Are all finished presenting their findings about 20th century clothing, and are almost finished writing a newspaper
        article on what was popular in the decade they chose to research.
     - HOMEWORK for the weekend is to research the kinds of music, songs, and how people listened to music
        throughout the 20th century.  Just a few examples of the above mentionned things to get us started in 
        discussions on Monday!

Bonne fin de semaine!!  & dont forget to wear orange and black or a costume (no mask or props)!