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Posted: April 24, 2018

Section 7.4  See below for examples.

No homework assigned.

Test Friday Sections 7.1-7.4

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Posted: April 23, 2018

We finished up section 7.3...students completed an assignment based on this section.

There will be a small test on Friday on sections 7.1-7.4

Section 7.3 example below. 

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Posted: April 16, 2018

We started section 7.3...see notes below. No homework. 

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Posted: April 11, 2018

Page 323-324 questions 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 to be completed for tomorrow.

Posted: April 10, 2018

Continued working through section 7.1-7.2

No homework assgined.

See notes below. 

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Posted: April 10, 2018

Monday's class...see below.

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Posted: April 5, 2018

Chapter 4 Test tomorrow, Friday, April 6, 2018

Students have the unit review to practice. 

Posted: April 3, 2018

For those who were absent look at the slides below then work on Page 196 questons 4-9

See lesson below.

Chapter 4 Test will be Friday, April 6, 2018 

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Posted: March 26, 2018

Page 188-189

Questions 3-9

There will be a warm-up quiz based on these questions at the first of class tomorrow.

See lesson below. 

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Posted: March 22, 2018

We continued with Section 4.3

We started questions on page 178

4,5,6,7,8,11, 15 [b,c]  .students will have time tomorrow to work through these questions then they will have a quiz the last 20 minutes of class.  Anyone who is absent tomorrow must complete these questions and will write the quiz Monday at lunch.

See lesson below.

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