Mrs. Hennessy

         We will be having a mental math quiz on Thursday. Study!

We are having TNB come to our schoo lfor a presentation. Each child is asked to bring in $1.00 by Wednesday. Thank You

  We are having our Spelling test on Thursday, November 10. As well we are having our mental math and fact quizzes. There is no school on Friday, Remembrance Day. Have a great weekend!

        Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend !

  Where has this week gone? Time is really flying by. Next week your child will be having spelling words for homework with a test on Friday, Please continue to study multiplication facts nightly (grade 3 1's, 2's and 3's for now and grade 4 up to 12x12. Have a great weekend!

 Welcome Students and Parents ! We are settling into another school after having a well deserved break. Homework---- Students are to read for 20 minutes. In their Reading Log duo tang they are to write the title of their book when they begin it, the date started and completed. This log is to be returned to school on Friday only. Math -- Grade three will be expected to have recall of multiplication facts to 5x5, grade 4 to 12x12. These must be worked on at home. 

ental Math Strategies- Here at school we learn the strategies, at home they have to be reviewed. Grade three students will be working on handwriting. Going home will be some sheets that can remain at home to refer to for practise.

 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 26-June 2 (Literacy Assessment). The assessment will consist of a reading component and a writing component. The reading will have passages to read and answer multiple choice questions as well as short response questions. Writing- Students will complete one piece of writing. This is a new piece for the assessment and is not from a previous selection (writing folder). Students may write a story, description, a retelling of a personal experience or a persuasive piece.Without teacher direction, students are to brainstorm, plan, draft, edit and use strategies that have been modeled throughout instruction to create their final copy. Make sute that your child has pencils and and an eraser.    Have a great long weekend!

 Students in grade 4 will be doing a District Science Assessment on Monday,May 16 and Tuesday, May 17 for 30 minutes each day. The assessment consists of 10 multiple choice questions. We will do 5 each day.The four science units we have worked on ( habitats, light, sound, rocks-minerals-erosion) are represented throughout the assessment. Your child will have to read each question very carefully. Please ensure that your child has pencils, an eraser and is well rested for Monday morning.Early next week we will be beginning our review of m ath we have covered this year in preparation for the District

ath Assessment (June 6- June 9).Continue to study mental math strategies and facts nightly. Have a great weekend!

The dates for the District Science Assessment  May 16- 20.

Grade 4 students will be writing assessments in May and June.

May 26- June10, District Science Assessment

May 26- June 2, Provincial Literacy Assessment

June 6-9 District Math Assessment

Today your child is bringing home Math quizzes to be signed and returned tomorrow. You will notice that a couple of these have 12 basic facts to complete in one minute. At home you can work on these and time your child. This type pf question will be on the assessment.

We will be having our Spelling test on Wednesday. Study! In Math we are working on fractions and decimals. Students are expected to be able to model and draw these as well as write a number as a fraction and a decimal. We will have our test on this unit on Wednesday as well. Have a great weekend1

 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! We have had a very busy week. We have been working on our March spelling words. In Math, we are finishing up our section on fractions and will be working on decimals next. Remember to study mental math strategies and multiplication facts nightly. In writing, we started a new piece which will be a draft copy then revised and put in a folder of monthly writing pieces. Have a great weekend! 

I hope you all have a relaxing March Break! On Monday, March 14,we will be having a presentation by Theatre New Brunswick. I am sure this will be a great performae. Book orders will be due March 18.

Next week we will be having some activities to celebrate Winter Carnival.

Monday- Favorite Character Day

Tuesday -Backwards Day

Wednesday-Blue and Gold Day

                          Thursday- Jersey Day- Outside Activities

                          Friday- Pyjama Day

                         Your child will be taking home a Mental Math Quiz  to be signed. Have a great weekend!

Here are our February spelling words: deodorize







We will be having a test on these next Thursday. In Math we are doing a short section on Venn and Carroll diagrams. Next week we will be starting a unit on fractions and decimals. We are still going to have mental math and multiplication questions to work on.

Have a great weekend!

  On Friday 4H and 4D are going skating from 12:30-1:40 as part of their Phys.Ed. class. A helmet is required. It would be great if we could have some extra hands to help tie laces.

We began working on our unit test on multiplication and division and hope  to complete it on Friday.

Have a great weekend!

 Friday is Jersey Day at school. Good luck to our grade 4&5 students who are representing our school at the Croft Cup.

We will be having a Math test next week on multiplication and division, writing word problems and solving them and three ways to multiply (right to left, left to right and model using base ten blocks.) Please continue to study facts and multiplication facts.

                         Our class has designed some great musical instruments. I am very pleased with the hard work put into these.


                           Have a great weekend!


Just a reminder that students Musical Instrument projects are due February 1.They have taken home an outline of this assignment. Our spelling test is on Friday.

Students are invited to do a Science Fair Project. They have the information sheet that outlines what is required. These projects are voluntary not mandatory.They are to be completed before March Break.

Have a great week!

     Welcome back boys and girls! We are hard at work again in 4H. Our January spelling words are: dishonest







                              Remember when you are studying these at home to "snap, clap and pat." In Math we are continuing to work on multiplication and division. Continue to study mental math strategies and facts. Have a great weekend!

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