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Posted: December 31, 2019

Note: Exam reviews are up if you would like to start preparing for the exams.

       Research paper can be passed in when completed.


Monday - PD Day - No school for students.

Tuesday - Circuits review (series & parallel)

           - Introduction to complex circuits.

           - Begin the worksheet

Wednesday  - complete the worksheet.

                - Green text p 728 (36 & 37)

                                p 749 (33 & 34)

Thursday - complex circuits.

            - open book quiz 

Friday -  in - class assignment - open book

         - to be passed in by the end of class

         - pass out take home test

Posted: December 31, 2019

Note: For those students interested, an exam post has been made with exam information. There are also exam reviews and solutions if you would like to get a start on exam preparation. 

Monday - PD Day for teachers - no school.

Tuesday - Review of conversions from before Christmas.

           - Complete the handout sheet on conversions

Wednesday - Complete conversions - quiz

               - Introduction to transversals.

Thursday - transversals.

Friday - Test (open book)


Posted: December 15, 2019

Monday- Economy rate.

         - questions from text (purple) p 260-261 (1-5)' solutions posted below.

Tuesday- Continuation ofv text questions,

Wednesday- p 304 8 (g)

              - word problems with SA and Volume.

Thursday- Conversions Introductions.

           - conversions worksheet.

Friday- Basketball game in gym ????

Posted: December 15, 2019

Monday- Complete the red text questions from last week on the handout sheet.

         - Work on your research paper. This can be passed in as soon as they are complete.

Tuesday -  Intro to circuits.

           - page 701 - 703 Green

           -  series circuits (p 715 green).

           - p 719 (27, 28, 29,30 & 31)

Wednesday -  series circuits continued

               - intro to parallel circuits. p 720 green

Thursday - series and parallel circuits.

            - p 724 (32, 33, 34 & 35)

Friday- quiz series/parallel circuits.

Posted: December 9, 2019

Monday - Complete the handout (both sides).

           - Solutions are posted below.

Tuesday - Test review.

           - Board questions etc.... - see post below.

Wednesday-  Financial services test

Thursday - Introduction to surface area and volume.

Friday - Economy Rate


Posted: December 7, 2019

Keep looking back here as I will be updating exam related information.

Math exam is scheduled for Tuesday Jan 21st

I will be at the school at 7:30 am on exam day if anyone wants last minute extra help.

Also available after school the day before if anyone is interested.

Mr. Carter said if you have finished BBT projects you can come to my classroom at 11:30 the week prior to exam.

Exam is worth 30 % of your final grade.

If you have missed 5 classes or less the exam is worth 15% or 100% of your final overall grade.

Formulas will be provided. Calculators are required.

If you are using an exam review sheets from class, remember to turn them in to me. Please do not mark on these sheets. 



Posted: December 7, 2019

Keep looking back here for updated exam information

Exam is Monday Jan 20th. 

Bring a calculator.

I will be at school the morning of the exam at 7:30 am if anyone is interested in extra help prior to writting the exam.



Exam is worth 30% of the course grade.

If you have missed 5 classes or less the exam will be worth 100% or 15%

Formula sheet will be provided.


Posted: December 5, 2019

Monday - MADD Presentation

           - passed back electrostatics test.

           - Intro to current electricity

Tuesday - current electricity continued.

           - current, voltage, resistance, power & energy.

           - ohm's law

Wednesday - Window decorating

Thursday -

Friday -


Posted: December 1, 2019

Monday - Magnets

           - Right Hand Rules for magnets.

Tuesday - No school.

Wednesday - Red text p 510 (1-12) reviewing concepts

                            p 511 (1,3,4,5,6,8,9 & 10) problems

                            p 705 (1 & 2) ch 24

                            *** solutions are posted below ****

Thursday -

Friday - Electrostatics test

Posted: December 1, 2019

Monday - Bank loans & lines of credit - terminolgy

          - 'How do banks decide if they'll approve your bank loan and how much'

          -"How is your credit score calculated?"

          - "How is my FICO score calculated?"

          - "How your credit score actually works"

Tuesday - No School - Snow day

           - Study terminology sheet passed out on Monday.

Wednesday- credit score assignment - posted below

               - " what is a good credit score in Canada"

Thursday - chapter 3 test review

Friday - Quiz - terminolgy