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To be completed before Tuesday March 26th.


Can decorate in homeroom or at noon.



Posted: March 16, 2019

Monday - STEM project

           - topic selection

Tuesday - STEM project

           - topic selection

            - scientific method

Wednesday - Intro to STEM

               - Review petroleum & fracking - quiz on Thursday


Thursday - Quiz - petroleum & fracking

            - bill Nye "are you against fracking"

            - "Pollution solutions"

Friday - NO SCHOOL 

Posted: March 16, 2019

Monday - Introduction to Dynamics - file dynamicsintro below.

           - Why objects move.

           forces (what are the various types involved?)

Tuesday - Review of Monday's variables (Fg, W, Fa, FS, Fk)

            - calculating mass & weight

           - completion of dynamics intro file - Review this.           

           - Friction 

           - Fnet 


Wednesday- Calculating Fnet 

              - Fnet = ma ;  a = Fnet / m

              - Connecting forces & kinematics

              - Complete the homework sheet.


Thursday - Same as Wednesday & problems.

            - Fnet

            - Review material from this week on dynamics.

Friday- No school

The rewrite for the kinematics unit will be Friday during class time. If you do not select to do this rewrite your original mark will stand. If you do write, I will record the higher of the two marks.

The original test will count as a quiz/assignment of value 10 marks.

I am available Wednesday & Thursday after school for extra help if needed.

I would be a good practice to go back through the original test and check with the solutions I passed out on Monday. I would also look over the review I passed out prior to the test.


* Note all students will be required to complete a projectiles assignment for Monday. Those not doing the rewrite may work on this assignment during Friday's class.



Posted: March 9, 2019

Monday - Numbers and data

           - Calculating percents


Tuesday - p 166 ' pump up the volume "

          - Read p 167 -168 "processing petroleum"

         - Review percents & mixtures to date (see file below)

          - This review will take the place of the quiz that was originally scheduled before March Break. Graded out of 10 marks.

Wednesday - Processing petrolem

               - Discuss 'pump up the volume' activity from Tuesday's class.

Thursday - Fracking - good or bad

                         - shattered ground. 

Friday - STEM

             - What is STEM?

            - This will be the start of what will be a weekly activity where students can work on their own science project. Students need to get prior approval of topic before beginning their project. Details tba.




PDF icon science7march22.pdf248.5 KB
PDF icon petroleummarch_13.pdf275.87 KB
PDF icon fracking.pdf223.63 KB
PDF icon stem.pdf170.64 KB

Posted: March 9, 2019

Rewrite will be Friday March 15 - during class time.


Monday - Passed back and went through kinematics test.

           - Solutions provided.

           - Rewrite will be Friday.

           - Introductions to projectiles. ( see file projectiles_intro_0 posted below)

          - review notes on projectiles.

Tuesday - Projectiles continued.

           - Homework - go back through problem from today's class

                           - Retry the question and check solution.  (posted below)

          - Review for rewrite on Friday.

Wednesday -

Thursday - projectile quiz.

           - worksheet is under physicsmarch14 below. (solutions provided) - classmark [ 5 points]

Friday - Rewrite and/or projectile assignment

Posted: March 1, 2019


The physics test on Kinematics will be the Friday after March Break ( March 15th) for those that missed it today (Friday March 1st).


This will serve as the rewrite date as well and will be during class time.


Posted: February 22, 2019

Monday- No school.

Tuesday- Birthdate assignment start.

Wednesday - no school

Thursday - Birthdate assignment continued

             -  Quiz - will be moved till after the March Break

Friday -

File birthdate_assignment.docx12.82 KB

Posted: February 22, 2019

Monday- No school.

Tuesday - velocity vectors.

           - Green text p 117 (23, 25 & 29)

           - review handout. Posted below.

Wednesday - no school

Thursday   - Velocity vectors continued.

                 - Review the handout. posted below.

                 - Kinematics review assignment. Posted below. ; solutions are posted below.

                  - velocty vector quiz - 1 question : value 10 marks 

Friday - Kinematics test

Posted: February 16, 2019

* The take home assignment solutions are posted below - q1 solutions file.

* vector notes - subtraction of vectors are posted below - vectors Feb 11 file (starts on page 4)


Monday - No school - Family Day.

Tuesday - Red text p82 (1,2 & 5) ; p 83 (10, 11 & 12)

Wednesday - Take home assignment (vectors) is due today.

               - Going through the solutions to Tuesday's Red text questions. - physicsfeb19 pdf below. 

               - Red text p 83 (18, 22, 24, 15, 27 & 28)0 - SEE RED P 83 SOLUTIONS POSTED BELOW.

Thursday - P 120 (42, 43, 44 & 45) - solutions posted

Friday - Vectors quiz (1 question)

        - Kinematics quiz


PDF icon physics_q1sol.pdf336.87 KB
PDF icon vectors_feb_11.pdf462.42 KB
PDF icon physicsfeb19.pdf406.19 KB
PDF icon redp83solutions.pdf412.03 KB
PDF icon physics11assn2.pdf278.09 KB
PDF icon physics11p120.pdf203.67 KB