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Posted: June 6, 2018

There are still students that need to complete their science 8 demonstration. Details posted below.

File grade_8_science_demonstration.docx12.77 KB

Posted: June 4, 2018

**Reminder to those that have yet to complete their demo presentation to let me know when they will be doing it.

Monday -  Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

           - see post below. 

Tuesday - completion of Hydraulic & pneumatic systems intro.

           - p 469 (1-6)

           - video - hydraulic lifts.

Wednesday - How hydraulics work.

                - BBT room assighnment -

               1.  List some machines/equipment that use hydraulics.

                2. Explain how a hydraulic lift works.

               3. Explain how hydraulic brakes work.

                4. What is break fluid? What are the types?

                5. What are pneumatics?

                6. How do air brakes work?

                 7. Nmae four machines that use air brakes.

Thursday -

Friday -

PDF icon science8june4.pdf446.1 KB
PDF icon science8p469.pdf325.19 KB

Posted: June 1, 2018

Reminder to students of math 10 (GMF), science 10 & Physics 12 that I have post on here with exam information. Look under the exam information for the course of interest.


Physics - Monday June 11 (C 103)

Math 10 - Tuesday June 12 ( C 103)

Science 10 - Wednesday June 13 (C 103) 


Students will need a calculator for all exams listed.



Posted: May 28, 2018


I have started an exam post where I will be posting exam information. Students can start reviewing anytime for the exam. Note, we will not have much in the way of inclass review as we still need to complete one more unit.

Monday - Conversions

           - setting up ratios, squared & cubed conversions, temperature formulas.

           - Complete the sheet included in the handouts. - Note: answers are include for your reference.


Tuesday - Conversions - complete the worksheet (this must be completed)

Wednesday - Area, volume & surface area. 

Thursday- Economy Rate of packaging.

Friday - Economy rate continued.

PDF icon conversionsmay28.pdf235.74 KB
PDF icon shapestest.pdf152.67 KB
PDF icon erintro.pdf275.41 KB
PDF icon triangle_review2018.pdf318.71 KB

Posted: May 28, 2018


Reminder to students that that the demos are due by Friday of next week. Two groups are complete.

Monday - Exon Valdez

           - oil spills, clean -up & ocen life. 

Tuesday - oil spills continued.

           - BBT room assignment. - see below  (Exxon Valdez)

Wednesday - No class (1/2 day) PD

Thursday -  Quiz review.

Friday - Quiz on water table.  

Date: Monday June 11

Value : 30% - If students have missed 5 classes or less (15% or 100%)

I will post material on here ahead of any in class review for those students looking to get a start on their exam preparations. Keep looking at this post for updates.

Note: We will not have much in the way of in class review as we will not finish our last unit (electronics) until some point in the last week of classes.

Exam date : Tuesday June 12

Value : 30 % - If students have missed 5 classes or less (15% or 100%)

Review will begin when we complete the last unit on conversions, volume, surface area and economy rate. Keep looking at this post as I will put review material on early for those looking to start exam preparation before in class review.  

Date: Wednesday June 13

Value : 30 % - If students have missed 5 classes or less (15% or 100%)

Exam review will begin after our last test (motion & vectors). I will put review material on here ahead of in class review for those looking to get a start on exam preparations.

Science10june1 file contains both chemistry & motion review.


science10 exam review chem ; chemistry review

science 10 exam review; contains both chemistry and motion review.

Posted: May 23, 2018

As was discussed in class on Tuesday, there are a few items that need attention as the term comes to an end and exams begin.


1. Test Thursday (May 24th) on simple & compound interest.

     - In addition, the worksheet on compound interest as well as the worksheet (assignment/old test) must be completed. Even if after             the test date.

     - The solutions to the above have been posted.

 2. We will start our last unit on Friday. The conversions sheet included in the handout must be completed.

3. I will give a take home assignment instead of a test for the last unit. This must be passed in (tba).  



Posted: May 18, 2018

Monday - Victoria Day (no school).

Tuesday - assignment solutions - below as gmytestassignmentmay16

           - compound interst sheet solutions - below as compound_interest113

           - terms - below as gmfmay16

Wednesday - Review for test (terminology)

               - complete assignment (solutions below)

Thursday - Math Test (compound & simple interest & terms)

Friday - Introduction to conversions.

        - review the handout.