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Posted: June 18, 2019

Monday - No class - Field day

Tuesday - Presentation for york library.

             - grades have been submitted for science 7.

Wednesday - Math rewrite held during science class.

Thursday - "Brain Games - Video"

Friday - "Brain Games" - video

          - Last day for students -- ENJOY SUMMER !!!

Posted: June 10, 2019

Final reminders:


Bring in all text

Library books

All fees paid - athletic or other


Posted: June 7, 2019

Monday - Test (earhquakes, volcano & mountains)

Tuesday - Research paper 'or' final assignment (start)

Wednesday - Same as Tuesday.

Thursday - Math (tentitive)

Friday - Math (tentitive)


File grade_7_science_research_paper.docx11.79 KB

Posted: June 7, 2019

Reminder to bring back your permission to go home after exams permission slip.

If you misplaced it, a written note from home will do.

I need the waves assignment by Friday, June 7 (3:00 pm).


Also Exam is Monday, June 10th in my classroom.

Posted: May 31, 2019

Note: Earthquake notes are science 7 chapter 11 pdf file posted below.

      ** volcano & mountains done May 27 -31 - see post last week for any missing notes **

Monday - Unit review - posted below.

           - Terminology (key terms) page 340.

Tuesday - Science paper

           - BBT

Wednesday - Unit review - posted below

Thursday -

Friday - Unit test

        - earthquakes

        - volcano

        - mountain


Reminder of Tuesday's test.

Those absent will write on the first day back during class time.

Posted: May 24, 2019

*There will be a unit test next week (Wednesday - tentitive)


note: If you have a computer at home it may be easier tpo open thye earthquake file and read it from there as everything would be in order.

 Monday -  Mountains & volcano.

          - Complete p 340 (2,3 &4) from Friday if not completed yet.

Read p 326 - 329 :volcano

Read p 334-336 :Mountains

p 336 (1 & 2)

 Define Mountain & volcano

Tuesday - Research paper continued.

Wednesday - Mountain & volcano continued

               - Bill Nye " volcanos"

Thursday - page 340 (1,5,6,7,8 & 9)

            - For question 1 - only (composite volcano, anticline, sheid volcano, ash-cinder cone, syncline & dormant)

Friday - Video 

       - Natural disaster - History's most destructive volcanos - National Geography Documentary


Posted: May 21, 2019

Exam Date : Monday June 10

                8:30 am

Exam Location : C 103 (MY CLASSROOM)


Formulas will be provided. The sheet posted below is the same one that  I will provide on the exam.

Students are allowed to bring in two sheets to the exam.

Students will need a calculator - phones will not be allowed !


Exam will be worth 15 %, 30 % or 100% of the students overall course grade depending on the number of classes of Physics that students were absent from this term and depending on if exam grade is higher or lower than class grade going into the exam.

1. Over 5 classes absent - exam worth 30%

2, 5 or less classes absent and higher exam mark than class mark - exam worth 100%

3. 5 or less classes absent and lower exam mark than class mark - exam worth 15 % 


There are two exam reviews that were handed out on Thursday May 23rd. 

I have posted one of them below. Answers are at the end - not worked out solutions.

I will also include final answers on the second review. 

I would encourage students to get a start on these reviews as there are lots of questions to work out.

** Also, make sure to go back through all unit tests (kinematics, dynamics & work/energy/momentum impulse) and all quizzes. **


Waves will not be on the exam ( note : Waves assignment must be completed)

Posted: May 17, 2019

Monday - Victoria Day - no school.

Tuesday - Test review.

          - Students should go back through all handouts.

          - We had six quiz for this unit - look them over.

          - Kno0w variables and their units.

         - work, energy (kinetic, potential , elastic potential & Total), conservation of energy, momentum, conservation of momentum, efficiency, power, springs, Hooke's Law, conservation of energy and springs.

Wednesday - Unit # 3 test ---MOVED TO TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK - May 28

               - quiz #5 and #6 for those absent Fridayi 

Thursday- Working on old work/energy tests. Recognition Day starting at 9:00 am in gym.

Friday- Note: a separate post has been set up for exam information - look on a regular basis.

       - Work/ Energy continued.