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Posted: January 30, 2014

BBT 10 Assignment #2 Business

Assignment In this module, you are going to design and create several publications and materials typical to setting up a small business (such as a business card). You won't actually start the business (though you could use what you create if you wanted to try).Your business will likely be in the service or retail industry, but other types of businesses are possible. You will make several decisions about your business such as its name, the type of business, location and more.You should select a business which will lend itself to this project. It should be something straightforward (e.g. a T-shirt stand, hotdog cart, driveway refinishing). The more fun or creative your idea, the easier and more enjoyable you will find this project. Keep your idea simple and the project will be easier.Programs Required  Microsoft Word Microsoft Publisher PhotoShop / PhotoShop Elements (or other photo editing program) Microsoft PowerPoint Time Required 10-15 ClassesGroup Size This module will be done individually. Instructions Work through the requirements for each of the activities.The Finishing Up page provides a summary of the things you need to do to be sure you have completed and properly prepared your work to be handed in.Important Requirements Your business idea must be pre-approved by your teacher before you beginYour business idea must be something that you could either do alone, with your partner or with one other person. In other words, you will have two employees at most (yourself included)For this project, franchise operations are excluded (i.e. no pre-existing stores). Your idea must be your ownProvide source information for images and other content you take from the Internet (Cite the URL)Since your work will be evaluated based on the material presented here, be sure to work through the material carefully.Make sure that you list all addresses, phone numbers and email accounts properly and consistently.  

Posted: January 29, 2014

BBT 10 Week 1 Assignment: Look before you Leap

"Look Before you Leap".  Part A & B For you videos on computer rules label your videos #1 and #2 and email them to Be Creative for full marks. 
There will be another Archery tournament held at MVHS on Saturday June 8th.  See attached for more details...  Any interested participants should come see Mr. Mason asap......

Posted: May 7, 2013

Guide to healthy eating

This link will give you tips on how to become a healthy eater.
Students are reminded with the nice weather approaching to be prepared to go outside which includes bringing appropriate clothing, sunscreen, hats etc...  Students will be expected to come prepared for class as flip flops are not appropriate footwear as they provide little support while running and most times will result in injury, something we all would like to avoid. 
The middle school boys volleyball team have a practice tonight afterschool and a game on Thursday in Blackville vs Nelson school.  It would be great to see a crowd come out to support your Golden Eagles.  See you at the game.......

Posted: May 6, 2013

The Middle school boys have a volleyball game today May 6th afterschool against the Harkins Blues at Harkins today at 3:45 pm.  Hope to see all players attend and good luck boys....

Posted: February 26, 2013

There will be two middle school volleyball tryouts this week. The practices will be Tuesday and Thursday afterschool from 3:15-4:30. All interested players should attend as there will only be a few more practices after these two before the team is picked. Hope to see alot of middle school boys tonight for tryouts...

Posted: September 14, 2012

There will be a middle school boys soccer tryout on Monday from 3:10 to 4:30.  All interested players should attend.


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