Homework- January 8th- January 12th

Posted: January 8, 2018

Due Date: 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Les devoirs (homework) January 8th- January 12th

  • Continue doing the 3 sheets of the alphabet/numbers to 20.

  • Read lyrics to “Lise Lapine” (yellow duo-tang).

    • Gesture: rub your four fingers using your thumb (same hand).  

  • Listen to the song “Lise Lapine” 

  • 1$ for popcorn (must be in by Wednesday)

  • Continue listening to French songs.

  • This Friday, January 12th, the students will have the opportunity to bring to school one Christmas gift they have received. This gift must fit in their book bag. The students will show their item to their classmates. Students may mention who they received it from, what it does, the colour (etc.) while speaking in French.


    Please keep in mind, the students are fully responsible for his/her item.


Question that we will be discussing:

  • Que fais-tu le matin?(What do you do in the morning?)

Some possible answers:

  • Le matin, je brosse mes dents. (In the morning, I brush my teeth.)

  • Le matin, je mange le déjeuner. (In the morning, I eat breakfast.)

  • Le matin, je m’habille. (In the morning, I get dressed).

  • Le matin, je fais mon lit. (In the morning, I make my bed.)


  • Counting backwards from 20-0.

  • Counting by 2s (2- 20)