Physics 112; May 20-24

Posted: May 17, 2019

Monday - Victoria Day - no school.

Tuesday - Test review.

          - Students should go back through all handouts.

          - We had six quiz for this unit - look them over.

          - Kno0w variables and their units.

         - work, energy (kinetic, potential , elastic potential & Total), conservation of energy, momentum, conservation of momentum, efficiency, power, springs, Hooke's Law, conservation of energy and springs.

Wednesday - Unit # 3 test ---MOVED TO TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK - May 28

               - quiz #5 and #6 for those absent Fridayi 

Thursday- Working on old work/energy tests. Recognition Day starting at 9:00 am in gym.

Friday- Note: a separate post has been set up for exam information - look on a regular basis.

       - Work/ Energy continued.