Math 6 Home learning week # 3 Jan 24 - 28

Posted: January 22, 2022


                      Update Saturday Jan 22

Hopefully this will be the last week for home learning. Monday is basically a review of concepts from weeks #1 and # 2. It is important for students to try these questions so that I can tell where most of the class is when students return and how much time I will need to review. I included a schedule for when work should be done, but if students feel they do not have enough time to complete all the daily work they should still try to complete the schedule in order. So if it takes two days to do Monday's work, no problem - take two days.

below is schedule and sheets for Monday. (home learning assessment area perimeter volume)

Solutions are in the pdf posted below it.


                       Update Tuesday Jan 25

I was impressed with what was handed in Monday from last week's home learning pack. Most students seem to have a decent understanding of perimeter, area and volume. This should make coming back next week a bit easier. As far as this goes, I would really like to see as many students as possible complete at a minimum Monday's work as this is basically a summary of the first two weeks and will give an idea of where we will be at as a class upon our return. I will reviw this next week but the more that have a good understanding of the material the better we will be. So if you did not finish Monday's work, I would like to see you do that today before starting on Tuesday's material.


                          Update Wednesday Jan 26th

Note that the definitions from Tuesday's work are located in the back of the textbook. If you have extra time to spend on math this week, students should review these terms so it will be a review when I go through them next week in class. I won't be spending as much in class time on these as I normally would so it is important for students to review  this material (definitions).

Protractors - If any student has a protractor we will be using these over the next couple of weeks. If you have a math set, they would be one in there. With the new covid rules when students return, I won't be able to share a class set with other classes so the more students that have their own the better. I will attempt to find some for those students that do not have their own. 


       Update Thursday Jan 27

Reminder to bring your textbook back on Monday when ypou return to school.

Also this week's home learning pack.

  Update Friday Jan 28

Today students are scheduled to work on the last sheet.

Bring the learning pack from this week Monday when you return to school as well as your textbook if you have one home.

I will be doing a review of perimeter, area and volume when we return to school next week for a couple of days. I will then move on to polygons and angles which is the material we had for the end of this week on the home learning pack. Attemptting these questions will be helpfull but I will be teaching this section from th beginning. Key points if doing the home learning packs.

* interior angles in a triangle add to 180 degrees.

* interior angles in a quadrilateral add to 360 degrees

* angles making a straight line add to 180 degrees

* the box in the diagram represents a right angle (90 degrees)