TEST Social Studies 8 Chapter 3

Posted: October 31, 2017


Fri, Nov 3/17 2:00 pm


  • Know the difference between weather & climate.
  • Be able to name and explain the following three air masses that affect Atlantic Canada:Continental Arctic, Maritime TropicalMaritime Polar
  • Know the difference between a high pressure area and a low pressure area
  • Meteorological Technician --> what are they?  where are some of the places they work? what do they do in the different places they work and why are they needed there?
  • Know the effects that the following have on weather: Latitude, Air Masses, Ocean Currents, Proximity to Water and Elevation
  • SNOW: What is a snowstorm?  What causes them to happen?  What places get more snow and why? What factors are essential in the creation of a snowstorm?
  • Examining weather: what are the three ways and what tools are used at each?Land & Sea - wind guages, sunshine recorder, Stevenson screens for max. & min temps, thermometersFrom the Air - radar, radiosondeFrom Space - satellites
  • WIND --> What causes wind?(refer back to high and low pressure notes)  What happens to air at the North Pole?  What happens to air at the equator?
  • CLIMOGRAPHS --> practice reading them and know that the line is temperature and the bars are precipitation.  Be sure to read data off of the correct side of graph.  Know that large ranges in temp. suggest a continental climate and low ranges suggest a maritime climate.  Lots of precip. means maritime and little precip suggests continental.